Ya Can’t Go Home and Ya Can’t Stay Here

Dickhead Finds Out How Free Speech Works in Gainesville, FL

Here is one of the better videos, which does not feature the dickhead, but does feature a guy holding what appears to be a poster supporting the alt-right. This is how Gainesville does it:

So a piece of shit showed up to speak at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, home to The Fest, No Idea Records,  visionaries like Bill Bryson, Professor Anthony Oliver-Smith, heavy hitting journalism profs like Mike Foley,and too many professional hippies and punk kids to mention. Gainesville gave us Scott CamilHarry CrewsJustin Taylor, Against Me!, and For Squirrels. It boasts a prairie where alligators, wild horses, hikers, and bison co-exist. When De Soto showed up in Gainesville, the people he encountered spent an entire night in the middle of a lake standing on each others’ shoulders to take turns shooting arrows at his men. When Andrew Jackson led an expedition south to kill the same people, he had to stop somewhere around Gainesville because his soldiers could not handle the swamp and started offing themselves.

How did that work out for this yahoo? Well, the scumbag got drowned out by what the former dean of UF’s j-school and all around great guy William McKeen once called “the cacophony of democracy.” Sometimes good speech does push out bad speech. Or, as one of our favorite media law attorneys recently put it, “the cost of free speech is its unconsidered consumption.” Make your media consumption count.

Electric Dreams – Season 1

This incredible show, Electric Dreams, from Channel 4 on the BBC first aired on September 18, 2017. It will not be available in the United States until 2018 unless you use a VPN and log in across the pond. Do not confuse this program with Addicted to Sheep or Electric Dreams, two other great programs from Channel 4.

The first episode of Electric Dreams, a series based on PKD shorts, is The Hood Maker. The first episode is based on PKD’s short story, Immunity, published during 1955 in Imagination. Channel 4’s adaptation explores the relationship between humans and what humans view as their evolutionary replacement.

We have only watched two of the four episodes available as of today, but both were well produced and did not disappoint us despite our high expectations.


If you had told us that Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson‘s Happy! had been optioned, we might have bought it, but we would never have thought that it would go into production.

Seeing is Believing

After a member, who is at the top of her game in the world of 3D modeling, insisted that we watch the trailer, we washed the mud from our eyes and believed. If you have not read the comic, it is a four chapter narrative arc that is so good we keep extra copies lying around to foist upon unsuspecting friends and acquaintances. Listening to Patton Oswalt as Happy, the blue, winged horse (shown to the left) whose reckless optimism is something we aspire to, we cannot imagine any other human capable of pulling off the voice-acting Triple Lindy that makes the trailer.

The series premiers on December 6, 2017. We only hope that the characters do not fall victim to the format of a serialized television show. How many seasons of The Walking Dead are there? It became a soap opera in the first one, and it fucking sucks. We expect better of Happy!